Bring a Friend Night

Looking to grow your Scout Groups numbers? Then consider running a Bring a Friend Night!

A Bring a Friend Night promotion encourages current youth members to get involved in growing the Group by inviting their friends to see what Scouting is about. Each youth member is given an invitation to hand out to friends or classmates at school. This invitation invites the young person to attend a Section meeting, open day/night or another Scouting activity with their friend to see first hand the activities they can participate in at Scouts. By attending the Scouting activity, it is hoped that the young person develops an interest in Scouting and a desire to join the Group.

How does Bring a Friend Work?

The key to a successful Bring a Friend Night is to ensure:

  1. Each youth member’s school is notified about the Program and the invitations that will be handed out to students.
  2. The invitations are appealing to young people and have sufficient information for parents.
  3. The Section meeting, open day or activity is fun and engaging, and includes activities typical of the Scouting experience.
  4. The friend/classmate is actively involved and is made to feel like a member of the Unit.

Why is it Valuable?

The Bring a Friend Program is valuable as it capitalises on word-of-mouth communications and existing social connections from current members to create a sense of familiarity and reliability for prospective members. The Bring a Friend program:

  • Is a great opportunity to actively recruit new members, resulting in bigger Units.
  • Gives youth members the opportunity to share their Scouting experiences with their friends and build up their confidence to talk about Scouts to others.
  • Gives prospective members and their parents an opportunity to understand what happens in Scouts

How to Run a Bring a Friend Night

  1. Order a Bring A Friend Promotion Pack. In this pack there is a digital invite, logo for social media posts, email script, follow up phone call script and sign in sheet for parents on the night (to get their contact info). You will also be receiving postcard invitations in the mail that your scouts can fill in and physically give to their friends. Please allow minimum 1 week for delivery of postcards.
  2. Conduct initial planning meeting with section leaders to flesh out ideas
  3. Get youth members engaged and involved by brainstorming fun activities to run on the day
  4. Finalise program of activities and notify youth members
  5. Write to local schools requesting their permission to allow youth members to distribute invitations to classmates
  6. Draft up a roster of the adult and youth members responsible for different tasks in the lead up to and during the Section meeting/open day. This may include:
    • Set up
    • Manning the sign in desk
    • Answering parents’ questions
    • Giving a tour of the hall and surrounds
    • Serving food or beverages
    • Running activities
  7. Hand out postcards to all youth members for distribution and encourage everyone to bring 1 friend
  8. Finalise and distribute roster
  9. Run the night!
  10. Follow up with parents by email or phone