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Latest Updates

27 November 2023

The new Bushwalking Procedure is now available on the policies page. You can access it here.

24 October 2023

We've made some minor updates to what qualifications are required to run activities. The changes impact Top Rope Climbing, Archery and Bushwalking. You can review it here.

27 April 2023

The requirements for running Adventurous Activities have been reviewed and a number of changes have been made.

If you hold qualifications ( Safe Participant, Trained Participant, Assistant Guide or Guide ) , please read the latest edition of the  “What Activities I can Run?". Most changes in this edition are allowing qualified members to do more. The current copy can be found here.


26 October 2022

You may have recently received an email asking you to update your previously issued “level 1” or “level 2” abseiling, paddling, and bushwalking qualifications or been asked to upgrade your Guide qualifications.  Your first question might have been – Really? Again? Why?

Yes, we know…. but – all industries go through change in response to new technology, which leads to new equipment, and learnings in the industry leading to changed methods to improve efficiency and most importantly – SAFETY.

Click here to read why and how to update activity qualifications. 


8 October 2022

The NAAF is undergoing change! This change has allowed us to review especially the “What Activities I can Run?” for Bushwalking and we are working though other updates. We’ve also included some tools to help you renew your qualifications especially for Guides and those with significant experience.


5 October 2022

NSW Adventurous Activities Roles for Young Leaders (18 – 34)

The Scouts NSW Adventurous Activities team is looking for young leaders (aged between 18 – 34) to take on the following roles:

  • State Leader Activity Program
  • State Leader Activity Capability
  • State Leader Activity Systems


Each appointed Leader would become a member of the State Adventurous Activities Council (SAAC), taking functional direction from the State Commissioner Adventurous Activities (SC AA) for the period of the appointment – which is one (1) year.

SC AA (and other members of the SAAC) would actively mentor these younger Leaders, supported by the Deputy Chief Commissioner Youth Program & Support and a selected Region Commissioner.

Areas of mentoring could include management and leadership, project management, volunteering and outdoor leadership.

SC AA would develop a mentoring plan for each appointed Leader with an expectation that at the conclusion of the appointment, that young Leader has gained a Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership and, potentially, a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, Project Management or Active Volunteering.


Young Leaders who meet the expectations of one of these appointments would be encouraged to seek an appointment as (and be the successor for) SC AA, State Leader Activities, or Region Activities Leader or Commissioner, as roles become available or need to be filled.

As more capability is built in this young Leader cohort, there will be greater opportunity to fill roles in the Adventurous Activities leadership team with younger Leaders.

The intent would be that older Leaders would continue supporting the activities and provide mentorship to younger Leaders.

Position Description

Position descriptions for the 3 roles can be found below:

How to apply

Applications must be received on or before midnight on Monday 28 November 2022 and submitted to [email protected].

If you know someone who might be the perfect candidate, please encourage them to apply!

Any questions about the role can be directed to the Nominations Committee at State Commissioner Adventurous Activities (SC AA) – [email protected].


11 March 2022

We hope you are enjoying the Adventurous Activities Hub! We've made a few tweaks based on your feedback and will keep doing so. Last week, we gave two briefing sessions on the changes. A link to the recording is here, and the presentation is here.


27 February 2022

Welcome to the first version of your Adventurous Activities hub. This hub is your starting point for information and resources about Adventurous Activities. Please explore and let us know your thoughts. What else would you like here? What should our priorities be? Email us at  [email protected].