Updating Activity Qualifications

Why do I have to update?

You may have recently received an email asking you to update your previously issued “level 1” or “level 2” abseiling, paddling, and bushwalking qualifications or been asked to upgrade your Guide qualifications.  Your first question might have been – Really? Again? Why?

Yes, we know…. but – all industries go through change in response to new technology, which leads to new equipment, and learnings in the industry leading to changed methods to improve efficiency and most importantly – SAFETY.

The formal vocational education sector delivers over 300 courses across around 60 training packages over all the industries in Australia.  Most if not all training packages have been updated at least once, if not twice over the last 5 years.  The Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package of which our adventurous activity qualifications are based on, was updated in late 2019.  The changes reflect a response to updated standards and guidelines published by the Outdoor Council of Australia.

The two main changes between the previous adventurous activities and the current training package require you to:

  • Consolidate your experience doing something multiple times, in various locations and varying conditions before you gain a qualification.
  • Remain current in your knowledge and skills AND document this on an ongoing basis in a logbook.

In the interests of safety, Scouts NSW is committed to remaining current in adventurous activity qualifications

Scouts NSW prides itself on being able to provide as many adventurous activity opportunities as possible for youth members.  Safety is always at the forefront of our minds.  As such we need to ensure everyone conducting an activity is current with their skills so they are acting in accordance with the latest organisational policies and procedures which are designed meet the industry standards.

Lead by example – lifelong learning

Most importantly, youth members need to learn the latest techniques, policies and procedures and the importance of remaining current as all industries are becoming more dynamic.  Youth members are going to end up in jobs soon that industry has not yet even thought of.

So, employers identify “lifelong learning” as a one of the most desired skills in potential candidates.

Let’s show our youth how important remaining current and remaining willing to learn new techniques and skills especially in our areas of specialty where we think we know the most!

We can help set up our youth members to cope with exponential changes by being a part of this industry change and upgrading our qualification in adventurous activities.


How do I Update?

All you have to do is respond to your emails and you will be guided on what to do.

If you didn’t get an email, we encourage you to do the following:

  1. Check Scout Central for new On Demand Learning modules – even if you have been leading activities for some time. You need to know what the youth members will learn about when you encourage them to complete the On Demand Learning so they can achieve qualifications at Venturer Scouts age and above.
  2. Check the document “What activities can I run” to determine what level of scouting qualification you need
  3. Complete your Scouting Adventure training
  4. Depending on your current skill level, find a safe or trained participant course
  5. Start keeping track of the all the walks, bike rides, snorkelling and other activities you might do by completing an adventurous activity logbook. You can also download and start using this template straight away.
  6. If you go on a course, download the workbook from this site. Keep a copy of all your safe or trained participant workbooks and before the course ends, make sure the guide conducting the activity observes and assesses your competency.  Also ensure they sign the workbook for you or provide you with feedback to help you achieve the skills.
  7. Reflect on how comfortable you are participating in and leading the activity in your logbook. Make recommendations for what you want to improve on or learn more about next.
  8. Send your activity log and completed workbooks to this form and request to be enrolled in the nationally recognised qualifications. Please only upload workbooks that have been signed off by an appointed guide who has completed their upgraded qualifications.

To find out more information about conducting activities, and the procedures you need to follow, visit the website Scouts NSW Adventurous Activities.  If you are uncertain about what you have to do, or are confused by the emails you have received, a good person to contact is your Region Activities Commissioner, who should be across most of the changes and upgrades that are or need to occur.


Recent recipients of nationally recognised qualifications

Did you know that The Scout Association of Australia has a registered training organisation?

This means that you can achieve nationally recognised qualifications at no cost through Scouts Australia Institute of Training (affectionately referred to as “SAIT”).

So far in 2022, NSW has issued around 375 testamurs across all qualification types.  The types of qualifications available include business, community services, outdoor leadership, outdoor recreation, leadership and management and training qualifications or statements of attainment.  Youth members of venturer age and above and adult members have all been submitting some fabulous evidence of their scouting journeys to achieve these qualifications.

Adventurous Activities Guides

A large proportion of the previously appointed adventurous activity guides have been working towards upgrading their qualifications this year.  In fact, NSW SAIT Adventurous Activity Assessors have so far issued over 1000 units of competency in adventurous activities in just the last 6 months.  We’ve issued around 45 full qualifications at Certificate III level or higher and guide reappointments are now in full swing.  A further 100 statements of attainment were also issued in the activity space.  Almost half of these were Wilderness First Aid Statements of Attainment.

Kenton Jurgs (State Commissioner – Adventurous Activities) and I would like to acknowledge the time contributed by volunteer activity guides, course activity leaders and SAIT assessors in achieving these qualifications to maintain a high standard of currency in Scouts NSW Adventurous Activities with the aim to improve safety for youth members.

Training Team

Since August, with the support of Stewart Bullivant, Parrish Hull, Nigel Reece and Gai Green, most of the Leader Trainers and Assistant Leader Trainers now hold Certificate IV in Coordination of Volunteer Programs.  To achieve this qualification, the trainers just had to submit a set of prescribed documents with some further meeting minutes and emails and participate in an activity at the Training Conference – it was that easy, because they have already been so active in their scouting lives!

Venturer and Rover Scouts

Several youth members have been achieving Certificate II & III in Active Volunteering, Certificate III in Business and Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation.  Many rovers are now striving towards or have completed a Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership with the aim to become our future guides.

Congratulations to everyone!

Who else can achieve these qualifications?

All members of venturer age and older are eligible to enrol in SAIT upon submission of evidence towards a qualification.  If you would like to achieve some qualifications, please click here for more information.