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The NSW Contingent Management Team is responsible for ensuring the Contingent planning and execution are successful; the Contingent is self-sustaining financially; the Event is well marketed and well attended; the Event compliments other major Scout events and importantly that the Duty of Care for the safety and wellbeing of children and adults is discharged to the highest standard, while also meeting the requirements of legislative authorities in NSW and Victoria.

Chris Buggie, Contingent Leader

Hi there,

My name is Chris Buggie and I’m looking forward to leading the NSW Contingent in 2022.
I’ve always had an awesome time at Jamborees; they’re so much fun.
Even though ten days feels like a long camp, it usually flies by, and the enjoyment of spending time with friends, old and new, makes it feel like the best holiday ever.
In 2022, we’re planning to bring you another great adventure, with amazing activities, cool gear, well-organised accommodation, delicious catering and efficient transport.
I hope you’re as excited as me to make the journey to Elmore in 2022.
My team will look after you at every step of the way.

See you soon!


Chris is the Assistant Chief Commissioner Events and Section Support for NSW.
He has been in Scouts for over 22 years - 8 as a Youth Member and 14 as a Leader.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Always loved my Police and Military shows.  The Bill, Blue Healers, Sea Patrol, MASH
What superpower? 'shapeshifting' thanks to the great AJ food
First pet? Red and White Border Collie name Kalley
Personal warning label? Dumb dad jokes ahead

Mitchell Stubbs, Deputy Contingent Leader

Mitch is the State Commissioner Events and Section Support for NSW.
He Started as a Cub Scout when he was 7 and went all the way through to Rovers and became a leader. All up close to 14 years
Favourite TV show as a kid? The Simpsons
What superpower? I would choose being able to Fly! Not only to beat the traffic but how cool would it be to wake up, fly to Fiji for the day and be back at home for Scouts in the evening?
First pet? A cute cat called Jess. Fun fact – Jess didn’t like me 😢
Personal warning label? Warning this person talks too much!

Operations Directorate

This team manages the general administration, enquiries management and applications for the Contingent. They also oversee the technology platforms and systems, supporting on-site information flows and manage financial reporting for the Event.

Tracey Stopps
Director of Operations

Tracey is the Region Commissioner - Scouts at Greater Western Sydney.
She’s been in Scouts for 13 lucky years.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Little House on the prairie, the Goodies, Dangermouse
What superpower? Teleportation to get more done
First pet? Baldie the dog
Personal warning label? Don’t try it (she knows everything - just ask her 8 kids)

Liam Brown
Finance Manager

Liam is the State Leader – New Youth Program Communications
and a Rover Scout – 1st Austinmer Rover Scout Unit.
He’s been in Scouts for almost 14 years.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Avatar: The Last Airbender
What superpower? Firebender, no questions asked!
First pet? Cleo, a central bearded dragon
Personal warning label? WARNING: does Maths for fun…

Marketing & Media Directorate

Manages all branding for the Contingent, sources and procures merchandise including an online presence for its sale, manages the website and social media to promote the Event, together with all photography and film-making, onsite media and newsletters, and handles all external media engagement including issues management and promotion of the event.

Anthea Cudworth
Director of Marketing & Media

Anthea is a State Commissioner for NSW
She returned to Scouts as a Leader in 2011.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Doctor Who
What superpower? Elemental Control (to reverse climate change)
First pet? Bubbles the Goldfish
Personal warning label? Redhead - keep out of direct sunlight

Cecilia Jackson
Associate Director
of Marketing & Media

Cecilia is State Commissioner - Special Interest Areas for NSW
She's been in Scouts since she was born! (Shout out to my fellow Leader's kids!)
Favourite TV show as a kid? Arthur, Round the Twist and CSI
What superpower? Time turning (think of Hermione in Harry Potter) to do all the things!
First pet? Bluey the blue tongue lizard who lives in our back yard
Personal warning label? When moody, feed chocolate

Sandy Schofield
Brand Manager

Sandy is the Region Commissioner - Joey Scouts  for Hume
She has been a leader for about 8 years, but started her journey into the Scouting as a youth member in the Girl Guide movement.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Wonderful World of Disney
What superpower? Tough question, but I will go with a healing superpower at the moment!
First pet? The first pet I purchased was a little black Pekingese dog with a squishy face called Cookie
Personal warning label? Does not do spiders, snakes or vomit

D Hughes

Damian Hughes
Assistant Manager
Productions (Photography/Film)

Damian is currently a Venturer Scout from Riverina
He has been in Scouting for 9 Years and has achieve his Australian Scout Medallion and Queen's Scout Award
Favourite TV show as a kid? Star Wars
What superpower? I would love to Fly!
First pet? Tippie the Border Collie
Personal warning label? Warning: May cause dizziness (I'm very tall)

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Directorate

Manages all workplace health and safety matters for the Contingent, identifying and managing potential risks associated with the Event, ensure all Child Safety Procedures are followed, and look after any Contingent members who visit hospital facilities or need medical treatment.

Anthony Pritchard
Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Anthony is Acting Region Commissioner for South Coast and Tablelands.
He’s been in Scouts for around 19 years.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Twilight Zone,  Dad's Army, Star Trek, Gilligan’s Island,  Daniel Boon
What superpower? Mind reading, and basic superman abilities
First pet? Chummy Rhodesian Ridgeback in Africa
Personal warning label? Don’t push the buttons

Logistics & Transport Directorate

Oversees all transportation of people and gear to and from various NSW Locations to the Jamboree Site, and handles all transport onsite, ensuring risk management protocols are followed, and liaising with external suppliers for site arrival and departure efficiency.

Steve Tufts
Director of Logistics & Transport

Steve is a District Commissioner in Sydney North.
He’s been in Scouts for 15 years.
Favourite TV show as a kid? Bonanza
What superpower? Ability to fly
First pet? Skipper (cat)
Personal warning label? Runs on COFFEE

Sites & Services Directorate

Determines the site layout and infrastructure for the NSW Contingent, establishes processes for maintenance of camping facilities, standards and hygiene, manages Troop Allocation to sub camps and sites and leads the Functions and catering coordination, while owning the VIP guest program for NSW.

David Roche
Director of Sites & Services

David is a State Commissioner for NSW. He's been Scouting for almost 14 years, and this will be his 4th Jamboree.
Favourite TV show as a kid? anything haunted with ghost adventures
What superpower? foresight
First pet? Pat the dog
Personal warning label? Approach cautiously and wear protective gear if you're looking for a chat.

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