Grant Success Stories

Daunted by applying for grants but really need hall repairs or new equipment?

Funding is available through a range of grants and many Scout Groups have successful applications each year.

Here are a few success stories, and some advice from successful Groups.

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Grants Success Stories

Group: 1st Dubbo

Project: Upgrades to Hall

Grant: CBPG

1st Dubbo has had a string of successes that enabled them to upgrade some of their infrastructure.

Having a dedicated grants person, in 1st Dubbo’s case someone from the Parent Committee, and someone from the Group managing the actual project has proven to be a successful formula. This is a good way to make sure that funds raised through fundraising can be dedicated to Youth activities whilst grants money can go to the maintenance of the property.

Here are some incredibly helpful tips from Vaughn:

Old Carpark

New Carpark

Group: 1st Cobbitty

Project: Upgrades to Hall

Grant: CBPG

Replacement of the ageing flagpole, upgrade to security and safety lighting inside and out, new signage, a new fridge and stove in the kitchen and automatic openers to replace the old garage doors were all possible thanks to 1st Cobbitty’s successful grant application.

Sean’s advice is to always focus on the project outcomes and their benefits to members and Scouting because this is what the fun is all about.

In Sean’s words:

“Acknowledging the problems is part of the grant process, you are selling a short story to the Grant people and the Local Member of Parliament about the issues you are having and then using positive words to show how these issues will disappear with this grant. Local MPs are generally keen to see tangible outcomes from the grants, so be realistic about what you are asking for as value for money is also a key factor.”

Maintaining good communication with Scouts NSW was essential throughout the process. Not only because of changes in the initial scope, which the Scouts NSW Grants team helped through, but also because Scouts NSW provided all the hard to know information that helped ensure all the paperwork was in order.

1st Cobbitty is on a roll and has already put in another application for CBPG 2021!

Old Kitchen

1st Cobbity Old Kitchen

New Kitchen

1st Cobbity New Kitchen

Group: 1st Narrabri West

Project: Kitchen Renovation

Grant: CBPG

1st Narrabri West successfully approached their first grant application with a lot of enthusiasm, good humour and a winning team spirit.

Here are some of their learnings Julia kindly shared for others benefit:

  • First and foremost – believe in your project! You are as competitive as others provided your application meets all the criteria.
  • Be prepared, plan and do your background work to ensure that you are aware of all the elements that can affect your project. Replacing the kitchen cabinets may involve electrical or plumbing work so it’s important to consider aspects that may not necessarily be obvious from the outset.
  • Being organised goes a long way and makes life easier. Whilst any grant application is a team effort, consistency in communication is absolutely key to avoid confusion or duplication off efforts. This can be achieved by having one person being responsible for the paperwork and acting as the point of contact for trades people.
  • Keep a record of all your correspondence (i.e. log phone conversations so that advice given is recorded) and devise a system to keep track of your documents.
  • Quotes are easiest to compare if they are itemised.
  • Lastly, devise a two-tier project in case you don’t get awarded all the funding you applied for. This allows you to at least achieve one of your goals.

Old Kitchen

1st Narrabri Old Kitchen 1st Narrabri Old Kitchen


New Kitchen

1st Narrabri New Kitchen 1st Narrabri New Kitchen