ScoutLink Training

ScoutLink has been rolled out to all Regions, and training is now provided by ScoutLink Champions upon request.

As of February 2016, each Group can have two (2) individuals with access to ScoutLink.

The second person can be either an Appointed Leader (not a Leader in Training) or a Group Supporter and will be nominated by the Group Leader (or Leader In Charge) and endorsed by the Region Commissioner.

If the second person is a Supporter, it will be necessary for the person to obtain a WWCC number and complete an A2 Form. The completed A2 should be submitted to the State Office via the Region Office for processing. Once the WWCC and Police clearance are received the Region Office will be advised accordingly. The Supporter will not be given access to ScoutLink until both clearances are received.

For an Appointed Leader or a Supporter, the following process is to apply:

  1. Form A14 – Application for ScoutLink Responsible Appointment should be completed on both sides. This form now includes a Confidentiality, Privacy & Non-Disclosure Agreement on page 2. Region Office can nominate a ScoutLink Champion to complete the training.
  2. Once Form A14 is endorsed by the Region Commissioner it is forwarded to the State Office by the Region Office. It can be scanned and sent to [email protected].
  3. Once access to ScoutLink has been approved by the Chief Commissioner, the Region Office will be notified.
  4. State Office will set up access on the training server and notify the nominated ScoutLink Champion of the second Responsible Person’s access details.
  5. The ScoutLink Champion will contact the second Responsible person and conduct the ScoutLink Training.  Once the training is completed, the Champion can inform either their Region Office (who will in turn inform State Office) or the State office directly via the [email protected] e-mail address.
  6. Training is captured on ScoutLink. State Office will set up access to the production server and advise the member directly.

Where a new Group Leader is appointed and that person is to be one of the two appointed Responsible Persons in the Group, once their Certificate of Adult Appointment as Group Leader is issued, the above steps are to be followed to enable the new Group Leader to gain access to ScoutLink. This includes submitting a completed form A14.

For Rover Crews, the Responsible Appointment should be an adult member; either Crew Leader (Appointed) or Formation Administration Officer.

To resign a ScoutLink Responsible Appointment, use Form A4 – Notification of Adult / Young Adult Member Resignation and indicate the nominated replacement on p2. Submit with form A14 nominating the replacement.

All forms are available at State Forms.