Feature of the Week

Feature of the Week

Our Leaders and Members are nothing short of amazing and are finding fun ways to keep Scouting at home or online. Below is our pick for Feature of the Week!

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Camp@Home ANZAC Day 2020 Experience

By Chris Buggie Assistant Chief Commissioner – Events & Section Support and Cecilia Jackson State Commissioner – Special Interest Areas

The Activity: ANZAC Day Camp 

When: 4pm Friday 24 April - 12pm Saturday 25 April 2020

Registrations Open: Thursday 16 April 2020    Registrations Close: 24 April 2020

Cost: $8.00 per person.  The cost includes the 2020 Their Service Our Heritage badge and the Camp@Home ANZAC Day Experience 2020 badge plus postage.

Camp@Home ANZAC Day 2020 Experience will bring together our Scouting community during COVID-19 as an opportunity to commemorate, show respect and gain a deeper understanding about ANZAC Day and those who have served and currently serve Australia.

This experience includes activities based on the program and incorporates the Challenge Areas, Special Interest Areas, and Outdoor Adventure Skills.

At the conclusion of the Camp@Home ANZAC Day 2020 Experience, participants will have been given the opportunity to meet the requirements to earn the 2020 Their Service Our Heritage Badge and the ANZAC Day Major Experience 2020 Award.

This will mean that some sort of evidence will be submitted by participants.

They will have from Friday 17 April until Thursday 30 April to complete the minimum requirements for both badges.

Earning your 2020 'Their Service, Our Heritage' Badge

Members will still be able to earn the 2020 Their Service, Our Heritage Badge. The requirements of this badge is to participate in three activities which reflect the ANZAC Spirit, which could be easily adapted for Scouting@Home. Some examples include:

  • Visit the Virtual War Memorial Australia and create a QUIZ or online activity for your Unit or Group
  • Make ANZAC biscuits and share a photo and the recipe; or create a video of you demonstrating how to make them.
  • Show the ANZAC Spirit by checking in with an older family member by phone or online or by writing a letter to them.
  • Create a care pack that could be sent to a Veterans’ Home or the local RSL Sub Branch; or,
  • Donate to the ANZAC Appeal.
  • Build, draw or create an ANZAC Day wreath
  • Create a small memorial in your yard or another appropriate space in your home. Items for your memorial areas could include a candle, medals, rosemary, a poppy, photos of loved ones who have served or currently serve, a drawing or poem.
  • Or something as determined by your Unit Council…

Camp Program

Friday 24 April 2020

Campsite Opens (4:00 PM)

Set Up your campsite in your yard, lounge room – take a picture at your campsite in your uniform and scarf and submit it to Scouts NSW Facebook Page

Make Your Meal

  • Cook your dinner – on a campfire, or a BBQ or in the kitchen.
  • Make ANZAC biscuits to share with your family and share your recipe.

Places to Visit

Things to Do

  • Write a Letter to the Troops – defence.gov.au/messagetotroops
  • Complete the COVID-19 Time Capsule
  • Write a poem about ANZAC day from the perspective of a soldier or
  • Try some traditional games like marbles, jacks, hopscotch, or four square (make sure your squares are large enough to comply with social distancing recommendations)
  • Create a Vigil Kit for the ANZAC Day Saturday Vigil  which might include a poem, the Last Post, and Lest We Forget

Films to Watch
Some films to consider.  Please check the ratings and make sure you watch films that are age appropriate.

  • Gallipoli (1981)
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Dunkirk (2017)
  • The Great Escape (1963)


Saturday 25 April 2020

Participate in the ANZAC Day “end of your driveway” Vigil

  • Be dressed in uniform for an ANZAC Day service either in front of your tent, doorway, or at the end of your driveway.
  • ANZAC Day Dawn Service will be broadcast by ABC National from 5:28 – 6:15 AM
  • Hold your own vigil before 10 AM on 25 April 2020.

Pack Up (10:00AM-12:00PM)

Clean up your site. Put everything away. Leave no trace – leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.

Share your photos with your Group and submit them to the Scouts NSW Facebook Page or via the [email protected] email address.