Meet our Youth Safe Advocates – Chris


Name: Chris Buggie

Role in Scouts: State Commissioner (Scouts)

Day Job: Business Analyst - Westpac Banking Corporation

Hobbies and Interests: I love camping, spending time with friends and family, giving back to the community, a good move and a great meal.

Favourite moment in Scouting: As a youth member, achieving my Queen's Scout Award and being able try new and interesting interests to achieve this award. As a leader, I am torn between working with my many Australian Jamboree Troops, International Adventure to Kandersteg International Scout Centre, working with Scouts and Venturers to achieve their Peak awards and of course kicking goals with my amazing State Team and Youth Council!

What inspired you to work with youth members? Scouting provided me with so many different and new opportunities in a safe environment. I wanted to ensure I was able to offer these opportunities to future generations. Being able to watch the youth members grow and challenge themselves and achieve things they thought never possible is a true inspiration.

What key thing has a youth member said to you that has stayed with you?As simple as it is, when a youth member says, "Thank You for....." it means so much. At the end of camp and after unpacking the trailer - "Thank you Fluffy for a great weekend" or after filling the Scout Hall with Red Bull smelling smoke and having a real life Mock Emergency night and as the Scouts leave, "Thank's for a great night Fluffy, I learnt so much tonight and I feel confident I could assist someone in need."

Why did you become a Youth Safe Advocate? It is important for every member of our organisation to feel safe. Undertaking additional training to be able to support a young person who speaks up about things that concern them or things they see and knowing how best to support them was a key reason I undertook this additional training and agreed to be a Youth Safe Advocate.

Why is the Youth Safe Advocate scheme important for Scouts NSW? The scheme is important for Scouts NSW as it demonstrates our commitment to young people and providing a safe and responsible learning environment. The scheme is a commitment we will not be defined by the past and we are doing everything we can to correct the past. The more YSA trained members we have, the more comfortable our youth members will be in speaking up.

What is the key message you would everyone to remember about the Youth Safe Advocate scheme? This scheme is a commitment to keeping our young people safe. Leaders who have opted to take on this additional training want to make a difference, they want to support you and they are here to help.