Meet our Youth Safe Advocates – David


Name: David Gordon Brigden

Role in Scouts: State Commissioner - Child Safety and Issues Management

Day Job: Solicitor

Hobbies and Interests:Bush walking, bicycle riding, kayaking, reading, bush care, music

Favourite moment in Scouting: Many! Seeing so many Scouts doing their best and helping others; a bike hike from Davenport to Hobart with my son's Venturer Unit; and much more.

What inspired you to work with youth members?Seeing how my son enjoyed Scouts and gained so much from Scouts, and realising that we only have Scouts because of the dedication of parents and other volunteers.

What key thing has a youth member said to you that has stayed with you?A number have said a heartfelt thanks. One Scout told me that he had chosen me for a school assignment on the person he most respected.

Why did you become a Youth Safe Advocate? To be able to play my part in ensuring the safety of our youth.

Why is the Youth Safe Advocate scheme important for Scouts NSW?It is a practical way on ensuring that our youth members have a safe Scouting environment.

What is the key message you would everyone to remember about the Youth Safe Advocate scheme? We must have an ingrained culture of ensuring youth safety and we all must do our best to ensure that all share that culture and act in accordance with it.