Meet our Youth Safe Advocates – Geoff


Name: Geoff Iredale

Role in Scouts: Cub Scout Leader

Day Job: Sales Executive for Tooheys

Hobbies and Interests: Going to the gym, golf and camping throughout this beautiful country

Favourite moment in Scouting:Seeing my son grow and develop through Cubs

What key thing has a youth member said to you that has stayed with you? Thank you for listening to me.

Why did you become a Youth Safe Advocate?I want to play my role in trying to ensure all our youth not only are safe at cubs, but the fact they feel safe.

What is the key message you would everyone to remember about the Youth Safe Advocate scheme? Mental health is the illness of our youth and our youth won't always recognise what is going on. We need to be actively on the lookout for a cluster of symptoms to recognise what could be happening and ensure we offer the right support.