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The purpose of Scout Fellowship is to provide opportunities for members to enjoy a wide range of interesting activities, benefit from mutual support, maintain contact with the Scout Movement, and actively contribute to their local communities or their local Scout groups.

Fellowship members participate in activities that centre around staying in touch with Scouting. Just like the young people we support, adults can also benefit from setting personal goals and recognising their individual achievements.  Whether you’re learning how to canoe or ski, building a stage for a youth performance, learning about indigenous cuisine, or exploring the star-studded galaxies around a campfire, there is a wide range of activities available for you to enjoy.

You choose the level of interaction that best suits you. You can select the best Fellowship that fits your interests, your skills, and your energy levels.  And you can be sure you’ll meet people with similar interests, who are kind, considerate and always ready to help others.

Granville Activity Centre - Home of Fellowship

Granville Activity Centre is the base for Scout Fellowship in NSW and is maintained by the Gamarada Scout Fellowship. Here, there is a conference and camping facility available for use by the community, where the Fellowship team meets to set its priorities and review its activities. Located only ten minutes’ walk from Granville Station, it is also the base for special needs Scouting, and the State Scout Fellowship Council. The small hall accommodates forty people comfortably for meetings and seminars with projection and video equipment supplied, and has a kitchen and shower for those staying overnight. 

Here is a small selection of the many Fellowships you might like to learn about: