For Parents

Scouting can be an activity for the whole family. It builds a sense of belonging to your local community, and you’ll make a direct and worthwhile contribution.

Enjoy a wider social life with an established peer network of other parents, carers and adults involved with Scouting in your area. Parents can:

  • join in with outdoor activities, family camps and outings
  • learn new skills like abseiling or canoeing
  • provide transport for meetings and outdoor activities

Other ways parents can get involved

  • take leadership training to widen your personal and professional opportunities
  • be a helper, volunteering for duties such as Scout hall set up or clean up
  • raise funds for the Scout Group through events or grant-seeking
  • be a member of the Group Committee, which assists the Group Leader and Group Council and promotes the aims and principles of Scouting
  • be an office bearer on the Group Committee (Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee)
  • serve on a sub-committee to undertake duties defined by the Group Leader or Group Committee

What parents need to know

We like to see parents doing as much as they can to encourage their children as they progress through Scouts. Before signing your child up to Scouts please be mindful you will be required to organise transport for meetings and outdoor activities. You will be asked on occasion to assist with fundraising and help out with Scouting activities and events.

Scouts NSW Child Protection Policy and Procedure

We think it is useful if parents make themselves familiar with the contents of our child protection policy and procedures. You can view the Child Protection Policy and Procedure here.

The Parents’ Child Protection Guide

Please read our parents’ Child Protection Guide for important information about Child Protection.

The Working With Children Check

To ensure the safety of all children, Parents who regularly attend Scouting events will be asked to take a Working With Children Check. You can view the WWCC outline and application details here.