Insurance Information

Insurance Claims

All insurance claims should be submitted via this email address: [email protected]

Summary of our Insurance Cover

Click here to view the summary of our Insurance Cover.

Certificates of Currency (2023-2024)

Personal Accident and Sickness

  • Report a safety incident to Scouts NSW here.
  • View the Chubb personal accident insurance cover policy here.
  • To make a claim for out of pocket expenses, download the Claim Form here. Please note, the claim form asks for a lot of information, much of which you might not be able to provide in the first instance and/or depending on the nature of your claim might not actually be required. The most important thing is to start the claims process. To do this, provide all the information that you currently have and then submit the form (don’t worry if there appears to be a lot of blanks fields). Once submitted your claim can be progressed by our insurer. If the insurer requires more information and/or any clarification they will be able to contact you directly to progress the claim.

Asset Management Fees and Trailer Insurance

AM Fee Invoice:

  • Contents Value should be revised to the current replacement value as calculated in your Asset Register.
  • Building Valuations are not to be changed. If you wish to apply for a variation please refer to the instructions on ‘FORM P6 – Application for Variation in Building Insurance Value‘ and consult with your Region.
  • Click here to view Description of Valuation Method.
  • How to Pay: Please mail your cheque in favour of “Scouts NSW” with a copy of the Payment Advice page to the address shown.


  • Trailer Insurance: Insurance (from $55 + GST per trailer).is available to cover a Group’s trailer(s) when off-site or not attached to an insured towing vehicle.
  • Trailer Registration: See Registering a Motor Vehicle in the name of the Association under Policies, Resources and Information.


  • Scouts have established a pleasurecraft insurance program through our insurance broker, Aon to assist groups to insure their pleasurecraft and boating equipment similar in function to how trailers are insured. Click here to read more

For all Pleasurecraft matters please contact the AON Claims Consultant

Phone: 02 9253 7275
Email: [email protected]

Property Claims

For all Property Claim matters please contact the AON Claims Consultant

Anara Bayar
Phone: 02 9253 7275
Email: [email protected]

To make a claim for a property incident, download the Claim Form here.

AON AUSTRALIA is the insurance broker for Scouts Australia NSW. If this page does not answer your question about insurance, please email your question to the brokers, AON: [email protected]