Coralie Smith wants to help make winter warmer for people in need

The sight of a homeless man with a crying baby got to Ulladulla Public School student Coralie Smith.

She wanted to do something to help homeless people in the region and is busy preparing winter coats to donate to Safe Waters a local group that runs the Ulladulla homeless shelter.

Coralie is being supported by the First Burrill Ulladulla Sea Scouts and her school.

the 12-year-old, as an Assistant Patrol Leader at the First Burrill Ulladulla Sea Scouts, has been leading a service action project over the past month.

Coralie has been collecting donations of winter coats, washing them, mending and repairing, sewing on any buttons needing replacement, packaging and labelling in preparation to give to the Safe Waters homeless shelter in Ulladulla.

In a couple of weeks, Coralie will be ready to meet with the shelter founder, Sarah Date, to hand over donations.

Coralie recently spoke about her project at a school assembly where she asked for support.

“Do you remember just the other week we had that really freezing cold, wet weather,” she asked at the assembly.

“I went for a walk with my family late one afternoon by the water, just  before the sun went down and it was getting dark and cold.

“I was looking forward to getting home and warm!

“As we walked, I came across a man who was homeless, living in a tent, and he had a tiny little baby with him.

“He was rugging the baby up trying to keep it warm, but the baby just wouldn’t stop crying. It was so cold that night.”

She asked people to imagine living in a tent, or a car, or under some cardboard this winter.

“There is a housing and rental crisis going on right now, in our town. There are families who are homeless and need help,” she said.

Coralie’s project is called ‘Warmer for Winter’.

At the assembly, she asked for donations of winter coats, which will be washed and given to a local homeless shelter for families in need.

She just wants to make winter warmer for people – well done Coralie.


Original news article written by Ulladulla Times.