COVID-19 Recovery Grant awarded to Scouts NSW

We are delighted to announce that Scouts NSW has just received its largest ever government funding grant - $8.5338 million (inclusive of GST) from the NSW State Government’s Crown Lands COVID-19 Recovery Program.

As you may be aware, we were successful with a COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Program grant last year, receiving $1.1 m for building projects around the State. The good execution and governance of these projects enabled Scouts to be well positioned when negotiating with the NSW Government for further support. We were able to build a strong case that our youth-led program builds resilience in young people, and opens up new and exciting opportunities for them and the communities they reside in. This is more important than ever following lockdown restrictions and home schooling. But to continue to be successful in our mission, Scouts need well maintained and suitable buildings and facilities.

The Government finds Scouts to be an excellent partner in these programs. We have a state -wide footprint, including in regional NSW. Any investment encourages Scouts to work with local tradespeople and suppliers in our communities and adds to local economic activity. In addition, our improved facilities can enhance access by other local community organisations, and improve the utilisation of our crown land facilities – a win-win situation.

The $8.5338 million grant is the largest in our 113 year history. Across 74 projects, the grant will enable us to pursue urgent safety and maintenance works, and improvements to our halls, campsites and activity centres across the State.  Every Region and the State Service Centre will benefit. The ultimate beneficiaries will be, of course, our youth.

We stand ready to assist Groups and other formations with their grant seeking. Grant webinars will be held 7:30pm – 8:30pm Tuesday 17 August and Wednesday 18 August. To join, register below: