Gang Show Special Interest Area (SIA) Project

Gang Show

Are you participating in a Gang Show this year?

Did you know you can complete a Special Interest Area (SIA) Project by being involved in a Gang Show (in cast or behind the scenes)?

So now is the time to “be prepared” before the first rehearsal by:

  1. PLAN your Project, including which SIA category you think fits best, and submit your proposal to your Unit on Terrain.
  2. DO participate in all rehearsals and performances, as the hours will count towards the completion of the SIA Project. Make sure you complete the required hours.
  3. REVIEW your involvement by taking photos, making awesome memories, collecting memorabilia (like rehearsal schedule, scripts, program, etc.)  and share these with your Units to complete the Project.

How easy is that!

All the best for your 2022 Gang Show seasons.