New Training Terminology

There have been several changes in Training courses over the past months, and this has come with some new terminology. Below is the new course terminology and what courses they will replace.

Scouting Essential replaces:

  • Joey Basic Practical
  • Cub Basic Practical
  • Scout Basic Practical
  • Venturer Basic Practical
  • Rover Basic Practical
  • Leader of Adults Basic Practical

Scouting Adventure replaces:

  • Basic Outdoor Skills
  • SIS10 Bushwalking Level 1
  • Basic Practical Supplement Bushwalking Level 1

Scouting Management replaces:

  • Basic Practical Supplement Leader of Adults
  • Group Leader Basic Practical
  • District Leader/Commissioners Basic Practical

Scouting Leadership replaces:

  • Joey Advanced Practical
  • Cub Advanced Practical
  • Scout Advanced Practical
  • Venturer Advanced Practical
  • Rover Advanced Practical
  • Leader of Adults Advanced Practical

On the Job forms replace:

  • In-Service

If you are in the middle of your training and are stuck on what to complete next, contact the Scouts NSW Training Team at [email protected] or call 02 9735 9000.