Get Approval and Consent

  • The Activity Plan, Activity Notification and Activity Risk Assessment must be reviewed and approved. Sometimes this includes obtaining budgetary approval.
  • The approver is likely to be your Group or Formation Leader for lower-risk activities. Look at “What Activities I Can Run?” to determine who needs to approve your Adventurous Activity.
  • If you are new to planning activities, it makes sense to ask your approver for guidance before seeking approval.
  • Use the Activity Notification and Approval System (ANS) to obtain approval for your activity. You’ll need to send it to the correct approver and give that approver enough time for review. You will also need to plan enough time to make any requested changes. Five days is often enough time for the Regional Commissioner Activities.
  • Once your Adventurous Activity is approved, you can advertise it to your Youth Members and their Parents and obtain consent.
  • See Adventurous Activity Core Conduct Procedure Section 4 Planning and Section 5 Participants for details on approval and consent.