Notify and Brief

  • Scouts NSW needs to know what Adventurous Activities are occurring and where they are taking place. Emergency Contacts are required, and Scouting Leadership must be informed of all Adventurous Activities.
  • Use the activity Approval and Notification System (ANS) to notify (the same system you used to get approval). Once your activity is approved, ANS will automatically notify appropriate people, including Emergency Contacts and Scouting Leadership, so you won’t need to use it again in most cases.  Brief all adult and youth leaders who are part of the activity leadership, including the Emergency Contacts.
  • See Adventurous Activity Core Conduct Procedure Section 5.1 Notification and 9.2 Briefing for more information.
  • Review the Adventurous Activity Core Conduct Procedure Section 3.8 Risk Management Conduct. This details how you should brief risks at the start of an activity, including how to have Adventurous Activity Leaders and participants understand and acknowledge the risk assessment and activity.