What does it take to get a project ready for a grant?

Have you got a shovel-ready project?? There are a number of larger infrastructure grant opportunities opening in Q1 2022 and we want you to be ready to apply once they’re open.

In order to get a project shovel-ready consider the following:

  • First and foremost, obtain Region consent for project.
  • Obtain all planning approvals (DA, complying development or exemption) from local council, if required.
  • As per Scouts NSW Policy, all DA applications, no matter what tenure applies to the property, should be signed by the Scouts NSW CEO. Please contact [email protected]to facilitate that process.
  • A consent from the land or property owner (Council, Crown Land or Scouts) for any type of property work will be required prior to applying for grant funding. The release of grant funds will depend on evidence of consent.
    • Council Leased/Licence – Consent from Council required. This can be obtained from the relevant Council.
    • Crown Land – Crown Land consent required. This can be obtained from the Local/ Region Office of Crown Lands. Should a DA be required, the Crown Land Office will need to issue a Land Owners Consent for lodgement of applications to other approval authorities in respect of development proposals on Crown land. The Landowner Consent Application Form can be obtained from the Crown Lands Website.
    • For all Crown Land and Council property a letter of support from Scouts NSW is required for any type of property work.
  • Obtain quotations for your work early. Any works of the value > $5,000 require 3 quotations as per Scouts NSW policy.