03. News – Press Conference Challenge

Type of Challenge:

This is a Patrol Challenge. Each member of your Patrol must be featured in your news / press conference video.

Resources Required:

  • Patrol members
  • Video recording device
  • Props & costumes
  • A script

Challenge Description:

With your Patrol, you need to create a News Headline / Press Conference lasting for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.
Your headline or conference should be themed around Scouting@Home and the change in how Scouts is run whilst stay at home previsions are enforced. The Patrol should develop a script and film the story. If you have the tools available to edit your story and add captions, you can. Your patrol might choose to design a background for filming against. The limits are endless with this.
Please keep your story positive and tasteful.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit your video online.

Apps you could use:

Example Script:

Good morning, I’m (insert 1st anchor name) and I’m (insert 2nd anchor name) welcome to the “Scout News” bringing you the eye on the news for Saturday, 6 November 2021
One of Australia’s top youth organisations has moved into thousands of our homes after some beta version of a virus turned delta and took over. One Scout Patrol Leader described this move as “shocking”.
Called Scouting@Home...........
Now to the weather, Calum.
Thanks Sandy. The weather in Gordon is set to be partly cloudy in the evening, becoming dark and cloudy overnight. Low around 12 Deg. Winds gusting South at 5 to 10 kph. There is a 10 percent chance of precipitation overnight also.
Back to you Sandy.
Thanks Calum. Viewers, thank you for tuning in to ScoutNews, I’m (insert 1st anchor name) and I’m (insert 2nd anchor name) and we wish you a great Saturday!

Download the Challenge Description Here