01. Auslan Challenge

Type of Challenge: 

This is an Individual Challenge.  Only one person in your patrol needs to complete this challenge.  However, everyone may wish to have a go. 

Resources Required: 

  • This challenge sheet 
  • The internet 
  • Video Camera 

Challenge Description: 

Have you ever watched a news press conference and wondered what the person next to the speaker is doing?  Well, that is sign language and if they are in Australia, they are signing in Auslan, the sign language of the Australian Deaf community.  It’s very important everyone can understand what the person is saying and what impact it has on individuals.  It could be an important message about fire, flood, a new program the Government is introducing or more recently, the COVID daily updates.   

The challenge today is to decipher this message and then to send us a message back. 

Decipher The Message Found Here

Evidence Submission: 

To complete this challenge, you need to submit the deciphered message, and then video yourself signing this message back to us in your Scout Uniform.