17. Police Sketch

Type of Challenge: 

This challenge is a Patrol Challenge. 

Resources Required: 

  • Paper 
  • Pencil 
  • Zoom (or similar) on a digital device 

Challenge Description: 

There has been a crime committed within our group. Someone has stolen an invisible cookie from an invisible cookie jar. Fortunately, your Patrol Leader was there to witness this egregious wrong.   

The Patrol Leader is the witness and must first select a ‘culprit’ – could be someone from your group or a celebrity. This is the person you are accusing of stealing the invisible cookie. Using picture of the person as a reference, the Patrol Leader (witness) must describe the culprit to the patrol members, who will create a “life-like” rendering, taking on the role of ‘Sketch Artists’. You can show the sketch to the witness as your draw it so that they can make any suggested changes to what the portrait should look like.  

Once the sketch is complete, show each other your drawings and the Sketch Artists need to guess who the ‘culprit’ is based on the portraits they have all drawn. 

Evidence Submission: 

To complete this challenge, you need to submit a photo of your team meeting online with the completed sketches and reference photo being shown on screen. You also need to include individual photos of each sketch. 

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