18. The Ballad of Lockdown

Type of Challenge: 

This challenge can be completed as either an Individual or Patrol challenge. 

Resources Required: 

  • Word document 
  • Video recording device 

Challenge Description: 

For this challenge, you are to compose a poem. The title of the poem must be ‘The Ballad of Lockdown’. This can be interpreted any way you like. The poem must be written in good spirits for a General audience. The poem can take any format (E.g. Epic, Lyrical, Acrostic, Haiku). If working as a team to write this, you may wish to use a GoogleDoc to write the poem together and meet together over a video chat. You are to then video yourself/your team performing the poem. 

Evidence Submission: 

To complete this challenge, you need to submit the written poem and video of you performing the poem. 

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