15. The Story Unfolds

Type of Challenge:

This is a Patrol Challenge. Each member of the patrol must contribute to the construction of the story.

Resources Required:

  • Patrol members
  • Paper, pen (if meeting together)
  • Word document (e.g., Google Docs - if unable to meet)

Challenge Description:

This task is inspired by the childhood pastime of the ‘folding story’. Your story starts with one patrol member writing one sentence. The story is then passed on to the next participant (could be done through emailing the document around, or on Google Docs), who writes the next sentence in the story, and so on. You write the story together, alternating, one sentence at a time between all members of the patrol. The theme of your story is ‘the ultimate Scout camp’! Your story should end up being a minimum of one A4 page.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit the final document of your written story and a photograph of each member contributing to its construction.

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