14. Fluffy Town

Type of Challenge:

This is a Patrol Challenge. Each member of the patrol must contribute to the designing of the fort, but only one needs to actually build the fort (although all patrol members are encouraged to have a go at building the design you’ve all jointly designed).

Resources Required:

  • Patrol members
  • Camera device
  • Fort building materials (typical household items)
  • Pencil and Paper (or computer software such as ‘Paint’) for designing your fort

Challenge Description:

Your patrol is to design the schematics (design/plan/blueprint) of the world’s grandest blanket fort. The design must use objects found in a typical household. Bounce ideas off one another with a brainstorming discussion about what items you can use and how they could be used. The more creative, the better. Think about decorations and functional additions to your fort schematic. For inspiration, you may want to research ‘Fluffy Town’, the Blanket Fort in an episode of community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFhCmknCpIY

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit an image of your blueprint/schematic that describes what each part of the fort is made of and its function (completed by the patrol together). You also need to submit a photo of the fort set up (complete by at least one member of the patrol).

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