25. Trashy Fashion Parade

Type of Challenge:

This challenge is to be completed as a Patrol.

Resources Required:

  • Bin
  • Costume or Scout Uniform to dress up in
  • Video recording or camera device
  • Disposable gloves
  • Mask (if mandatory for you to wear)

Challenge Description:

Your challenge is to either dress up in a fancy-dress costume or your Scout uniform and have a fashion parade with your garbage bin along your street, stopping to pick up any trash (with your gloves on) and putting it in your bin. Get a family member to take a video or photo of you on your trashy fashion parade. If on your own, a selfie is just as good! Every member of the patrol needs to participate in this activity.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit a video or photo from each team member.

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