31. Tent Challenge

Type of Challenge:

This can be done as a Patrol Challenge or Individually.

Resources Required:

  • Yourself
  • 2 Person Tent (minimum)
  • Camera

Challenge Description:

Take photographs of your tent, set up in unusual (but safe) places with you in it. If completing this as a Patrol, you must have at least 4 members of the patrol in the tent photograph.

Think creatively about where you could set up your tent. Within the local area, within the house etc. Your tent could be setup in a Car Wash, Floating on the pool or in the backyard cubby house.

Ensure your set up is safe and monitored by an adult.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to collect the photographs from the Patrol member or patrol. Please consolidate these all into ONE document for submission.

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