27. Cookie Decorating Contest

Type of Challenge:

This is an Individual Challenge. Points will be allocated for each team member that completes the activity

Resources Required:

  • Premade Cookies (We Suggest Arrowroot Biscuits)
  • Icing and cookie decorations- These could include
    • M&M’s
    • Skittles
    • Musk Sticks
    • Icing Pens/Tubes
    • 100’s and 1000’s

Challenge Description:

Decorate some cookies that relate to the idea of ‘Scouts’. Some ideas could be to make a campsite, the Scout Logo, or even to make a few badges! Bonus points may be available for a team who submits cookies which fit together.

Once you have decorated them, pick your best cookie and submit photos.

Don’t forget to enjoy eating them afterwards!

Evidence Submission:

Submit one photo for each team member’s cookie. Make sure you include the Team Member’s name.

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