28. The Pixar Pitch

Type of Challenge:

This is a Patrol Challenge. Each member of your Patrol must submit at least 2 storyboard images

Resources Required:

  • Some form of drawing equipment or Program. This could be:
    • Pen/pencil on paper: upload a photo of the frame
    • Online sketching program, such as Paint

Challenge Description:

As a patrol, decide on an environmental issue you wish to raise awareness of. As a team, plan a storyline that highlights this issue, including, but not limited to, an overview of the issue, impacts on the environment, impacts on humans and how we can fix the issue. Draw out the storyboard of how you would present a movie or documentary based on this issue. Be as creative as you would like: What actor or character would you want presenting this, and how can you make it interesting.

Evidence Submission:

Submit one document or image with all the frames arranged in order. Include some basic notes on what would be discussed in each frame.

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