29. Bottle Planters

Type of Challenge:

This is an Individual Challenge. Each team member that submits an image will be given points.

Resources Required:

  • Plastic Bottle or Old Milk Container
  • Old T-Shirt, pieces of material
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors

NOTE: Younger participants should have the supervision of a responsible Adult or older Youth Member

Challenge Description:

Following the instructions below, build a bottle planter and upload an image of it.

  1. Cut your bottle in Half
  2. Cut your piece of material in a strip and poke it through the hole at the entry of your bottle
  3. Fill the bottom half of your bottle with 2-3 centimetres of water
  4. Turn the top half of your bottle upside down and place it into the bottom so that the t-shirt falls into the water
  5. Fill the top half with soil and whatever seeds you are planting.
  6. When the water is all gone from the bottom of your planter, pick up the top half and refill it so that the soil at the top is always moist

If you want to paint the outside of the planter, you can do so, but make sure to leave a gap in the bottom so you can see the water level

Evidence Submission:

Submit one image of your bottle planter per person that has attempted it.

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