A silver lining: Broken Hill upskills onto Program amidst Cuboree cancellation

The final week of December left many of our members with mixed emotions, as the NSW Cuboree 2020 was cancelled due to unprecedented bushfire risk. But this cancellation was not enough to keep many of our Scout Groups from engaging in Scouting activities – and for some, getting ready to embark on their journey to implement the new Program in Term 1 this year.

With support from the Cuboree Organising Committee and 1st/2nd Harbord Scout Group, 3rd Broken Hill Scout Group still made the trip to the greater Sydney area with a large number of Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts, as well as all of the Group’s adult leaders, for a Scouting holiday amidst the Cuboree cancellation. While in Sydney, 3rd Broken Hill liaised with the Program Transformation Team to undertake their upskill training into the new Program, after the Group applied to begin their journey in early 2019. More than happy to make this happen, the Program Transformation Team quickly began to plan an intensive upskill package to deliver to the Scout Group.

Reaching new levels in youth engagement, due to the large number of Scouts in attendance, the Upskill was filled a number of captivating activities, such as a practical Outdoor Adventure Skills session involving Stage 3 Scouts mentoring other Scouts to achieve Stage 1 Aquatics at the local pool down the street. The Scouts were even able to undertake some activities while witnessing the very welcome rain fall outside.

After a long and exhausting day, far from their home, we were excited to welcome 3rd Broken Hill Scout Group to the Program! They will take what they have learned to begin implementing the Program within their Group in the coming weeks.

2020 is our biggest year for the implementation of the new Youth Program. Is your Scout Group ready to begin their journey to launch into the future of Scouting in Australia – apply now!

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