Q & As

Q and As

Am I eligible?

Grants are available for any young people aged 5 to 18 who are new to Australia, living in NSW and whose carers would find it difficult to cover the annual costs of Scouting.

How do I apply?

To apply, download and complete the relevant form provided on the Application Form then return it by email or post, as per instructions on the Application Form.

Your application will be combined with information from the Group Leader, and you will be notified of the outcome in three to four weeks.

What does the Grant cover and for how long?

Grants will assist with the typical costs of Scouting including membership fees, uniform requirements, costs and any equipment required for outdoor activities.

Scouts for Refugees does not provide funding for Jamborees or international events, other Grants are available for these events.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

It normally takes three to four weeks for applications to be processed. Once you have submitted your completed application, the Scouts for Refugees Management Committee will assess it together with information provided by the Group Leader and then you will be notified by email or post (whichever you choose).

Who sees the information that I provide on the application form?

Your application will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and forms will only be viewed by the Group Leader and the Scouts for Refugees Management Committee.

If I am successful in receiving a Grant, can I apply again next year?

Yes. If you find you are still under considerable financial pressure, you are welcome to reapply after the initial Grant period has concluded. However, priority will be given to those who have yet to receive assistance from the Fund.

What is expected from successful applicants?

Applicants are required to provide feedback on how the Scouts for Refugees has a made a positive impact on their lives. This information will be shared with our Donors and Scouting community but identities of recipients will be kept confidential. A simple essay of 100 words twice a year is sufficient.

Applicants are expected to have regular attendance at weekly meetings (except in the case of Lone Scouts). If there is non-attendance for four weeks in a row, without a valid reason, the Grant will cease.

There is also an expectation to participate in a Group-based fundraising activities to help with the cost of running the Group.