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Got a question about AJ2022? Check out our FAQs below. If you still can't find an answer, you can
email the NSW Contingent Team at [email protected].

To download a PDF of the FAQs Click here (updated 25 October 2020). Make sure to check back regularly for any new FAQs.

A Jamboree is a massive national camp for Scouts aged 11-14.
Most Scouts get only one chance in their life to enjoy a Jamboree as Scout.
Leaders, Venturers and Rovers can also attend – they help out with running the event.

A Jamboree is 11 days of action, expeditions, entertainment and daily life, camping with 11,500 others.

Australian Jamboree began in 1934 and are held every three years.
(World Jamborees are held every four years.)

The 26th Australian Jamboree is called AJ2022 for short.

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of young people.

A Jamboree covers every aspect of the Scout program during an intense 11 days with friends old and new.

Scouting is proven to generate increased resilience in young people, and benefits like more positive mental health, that last a lifetime.

Scouts will have cared for themselves and helped others, done their share of cooking and other chores, while enjoying an amazing range of new experiences – from rock concerts to adventurous expeditions.

Plus time to chill out, and recharge for more fun.

A Jamboree is just two weeks away from home but Scouts come home two years older!
It’s an experience you will never forget.

AJ2022 opens on Monday January 3 2022 and closes on the night of Thursday January 13.
Visitors day is Sunday January 9.

The Jamboree is 11 days on the Jamboree site at Elmore, plus a day or two of travelling to and from home.

Victoria – as host State – move in a day early, on January 2, and are last to head home, on January 4.

Australian Jamborees rotate around the Australian mainland States.

AJ2022 is at Elmore in Northern Victoria, 2.5 hours from Melbourne, and near the major towns of Echuca and Bendigo.
It’s the same location as AJ2007.

The Jamboree will take over the Elmore Events Centre, one of Victoria’s major locations for agricultural events like field days and equestrian sport.

The complete eligibility requirements for NSW participants – Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders – can be found here.

For Scouts, you must not have turned 15 by January 3 2022.

There are also requirements like badgework and camping experience.

Venturers, Rover, and Leader of all types can also help out and enjoy the Jamboree.

Check out the website for full details on eligibility.

To attend as a Scout, you must be a registered have not turned 15 on January 3 2022.

Scouts must have either:

  • Program Essentials Milestone 1, as well as Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 3 in Bushcraft, Bushwalking, and Camping;


  • The Pioneer Badge.

Applications will open when the current uncertainty over coronavirus is resolved.
These means applications will open later than usual – and the application period will be shorter than usual.

That’s why we urge all Scouts, Leaders, Venturers and Rovers to Express their Interest now.
Those who have registered will be the first to hear when applications open – so you won’t miss out.

Expressions of Interest are at www.aj2022.com.au/eoi

Closing dates vary as some Contingents need to book transport well in advance.

At this stage, there is no final closing date for NSW. You will be informed in early 2021.

While we are all working hard for a Jamboree in January 2022, if there is any doubt, a decision will be made in early 2021.

It would be really sad to postpone the Jamboree for a year, but we’d be even better prepared.

The Jamboree Organising Committee will make a final decision about AJ2022 in early 2021, before anyone has had to make a payment.

The decision will be made in part on whether a vaccination will be available by 2022, whether it will be possible to hold an event that is completely safe, and also on the number of Expressions of Interest we have received.

A Jamboree Unit includes up to 36 Scouts and usually five adult Leaders from your home State.
The Unit has six Patrols and each Patrol has a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader

Jamboree Units usually meet well before the Jamboree so everyone gets to know each other.
(And, sometimes, for a post-Jamboree reunion.)

Yes. Your home Unit will be joined by Scouts from a few other Scout Groups from your State to form a Jamboree Unit of approximately 36 Scouts.

This is one of the best bits about a Jamboree – new friends from new places. You may even have Scouts from overseas in your Jamboree Unit.

Not a problem at all! Your Contingent will make sure you are allocated to a Jamboree Unit and made to feel welcome. This is a great way to make heaps of new friends.

Families can visit the Jamboree on Festival day, Sunday January 9 – a day that all Scouts will be on-site.

This will be the first Australian Jamboree to fully embrace all aspects of Scouts Australia’s exciting new program.

Go the AJ2022 website and follow the prompts under Contingents to International. There is plenty of information there to assist you in getting to AJ2022.

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