Building a Budget

Bag of money with word budget on it next to wood house toy

Want to get better at saving or be a bit more responsible with your money? Then budgeting is for you!


How much money do you have?

What are you saving for?

What tools exist to help you budget?

Is is a Short, Medium or Long term savings goal?

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What other expenses do you need to budget for? (e.g. rent, bills, food, etc.)

What contingencies do you need to consider?

Are there any products at a bank that might help you save for the long term? (e.g high interest savings account or term deposits)


Choose a period you want to budget for - a month, a year, longer?

Work out how you are going to track your budget.


Did you reach your savings goal?

What did you discover about your spending habits?

What is your next savings goal?

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