Carbon Footprint- Advocate for Better Choices

Do you know what your impact on our planet is? You can learn about it by completing this fun activity!


  • What is a Carbon Footprint? Why is it important to know and reduce?
  • What things can make your carbon footprint grow? What can make it smaller?
  • (Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) What is the Earth Overshoot Day? How has the date of this changed over the past few years? Decades?


  • Draw a Picture of your foot. Inside the foot, list all the things you do that make your footprint bigger.
  • Outside the foot, list all the things you do to make your footprint smaller.
  • (Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) Click here to calculate your Personal Overshoot Day.


  • Share your Carbon Footprint picture with the rest of your Unit. What on yours is different to the rest of your Unit? What is similar?
  • What is ONE thing you are going to do to make your footprint shrink?
  • (Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) How can you contribute to making the Earth overshoot day move later over the coming years and decades?

[This Activity is a part of the Champions for Nature Challenge. You can find more details here]

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