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Neurographic Art

In need of some quiet time? Give Neurographic Art a try to capture how you interact with the outside world! Plan Gather materials you need, […]

Blackout Poetry

Want to know how to create a poem in a creative way? Try transforming printed pages into your own poetry! Plan What types and styles […]

European Holiday at Home

Are you sad that you had to miss that European Holiday? Instead you can bring that European holiday to home! Plan Choose a country that […]

Learn the Messengers of Peace Dance

Want to mix learning about different cultures, get a workout and do something fun? Learn the Messengers of Peace Dance! Plan Watch the Messengers of […]

International Art

Have you ever wanted to showcase your artistic skill in different ways? How about learning different and varied cultural artworks! Plan Choose a country you […]

Fractured Fairytales

There are lots of Fairy Tales around the world, but what would’ve happened if the story was a bit different? What would you do differently […]

Potato Printing

Ever tried to make your own creative stamp? Do you have a design you want to see come to life? Then Potato printing is the […]

Learn a New Song

Got a passion for music and have an instrument just lying around? Have a go at learning a new song! Plan What song will you […]

Create a Picture Book

Got a creative short story you want to illustrate? Why not design a picture book? Plan What is your story? What materials do you need? […]

Build your own Street Library

Are you an avid reader? Want to spread the joy and warmth you get from reading with the wider community? Then why not build a […]