Build your own Street Library


Are you an avid reader? Want to spread the joy and warmth you get from reading with the wider community? Then why not build a street library!


Is this something you can do as a Project Patrol? If so who will complete which task?

What does your library look like?

What materials do you need?

Where will you source books?

Where will you put your library? Near the Scout Hall or somewhere else? Who will need to get permission from?

Who will you need help from?

Where do you need to register your library? (this may help

What tools do you need?

What do you need to stay safe during construction?


Design your street library.

Get an adult to help you with measuring and preparing your materials. Have you double-checked your measurements?

Record your process to show your unit.

Install your street library in a safe place (N.B. this step will be delayed until social distancing restrictions are lifted)


How will you maintain your street library to keep it neat?

How will you track the book levels in the library?

What skills did you develop?


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