Write a Letter


Do you know someone who needs a bit of cheering up? Why not send them a comforting letter. Here's how:


Who will you send the letter to? A grandparent, a member of the community living in a nursing home or a friend who lives far away?

What will the letter be about?

Is there any activities you want to include in the letter? maybe a word puzzle or quiz?


Write the letter.

Make sure to include a return address if you want to get a letter back.

Post the letter. Tell your parents before going out to post the letter.  Ask if you need their help.

How long do you think it will take to get to its destination?


How did you feel when you sent the letter?

What was it like when you got a letter back?

Who will you write to next?


This activity contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal #3 Good Health and Well Being

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