Neurographic Art

In need of some quiet time? Give Neurographic Art a try to capture how you interact with the outside world!


  • Gather materials you need, such as watercolour paper, watercolour paints, a paintbrush, water container and a black permanent marker.
  • Do you have access to music you could play that encourages mindfulness that you can respond to with your artwork?
  • Access this YouTube video to go through the instructions on how to create a ‘Neurological Artwork’: Neurographic Art Tutorial: Mindfulness in Art



  • Review your finished neurographic artwork.
  • Did you enjoy creating this artwork?
  • Did it help calm and relax you?
  • Consider continuing to practice this as a mindfulness exercise, especially when you are needing to find peace within yourself.
  • For future neurographic artworks, you could use your own music to respond to – you may even make your own ‘mindfulness playlist’!

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