International Art

International Art

Have you ever wanted to showcase your artistic skill in different ways? How about learning different and varied cultural artworks!


  1. Choose a country you are interested in.
  2. Research that country’s involvement in artistic history.
  3. Research what type of art the country creates e.g. origami in Japan.
  4. Remember, dance/theatre/music are also forms of art.


  1. Gather resources needed to create your art.
  2. Create your art - whether a painting, song, dance, scene. For example: You can make a scene made entirely or origami pieces.
  3. To take this further you can even add a story to it and present it to a younger section.


  1. What is the cultural impact of this art form in the country?
  2. Which piece of art are you most proud of creating?
  3. How can you display the art you created?
  4. Why is art and creativity important to you?

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