Create a Tik Tok Dance/Skit

Woman recording TikTok dance

Let your creative juices flow and create a TikTok dance or skit that shows your love and passion for Scouting!

Share it with us so we can share them on our social media!


  • What song/audio will you use?
  • Will you create your own song or audio?
  • What will you use as your inspiration?
  • Can you get other people from your units involved too? Think pass the mic style.
  • Do you need technical help from someone to film or record?
  • Who will you need help from?
  • Do you need costumes?
  • What will your background be?
  • Do you need to ask someone for permission to borrow their device?


  • Create your background.
  • Gather your costume.
  • Film your Tik Tok.
  • Edit it on the app and save it to your camera roll.


  • What did you find the most enjoyable aspect of creating a Tik Tok?
  • What did you enjoy the least?
  • Share your Tik Tok with your family, units and Scouts NSW.
  • Can you teach people your Tik Tok dance or skit?
  • What skills did you learn during this activity?

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