Record your family history

Family tree

Do you know where your ancestors came from? Why not use your time in lockdown to record some family history!


  • Do you know who everyone in your family?
  • Do you know how to contact them?
  • Are you able to set up a virtual call – Teams, Zoom or maybe Face Time – to interview them and learn about them?
  • What questions will you ask?
  • When you’ve recorded your interviews, how will you join them to make a your family history story?
  • Do you need technical help from someone else?
  • Who will you need help from?


  • Write your list of people to interview.
  • Confirm when and how they want to be interviewed.
  • Make sure you have an introduction for your video.
  • Save your recordings somewhere safe.
  • Review your recordings to see how they will best link together.
  • Arrange for someone to teach you how to join all your recordings together.


  • Review your full video to make sure you like the ‘story’ you have developed.
  • Share your video with your family; maybe have a launch event.
  • Offer to share a copy of the video with the people you interviewed.
  • What skills did you learn during this activity?
  • Could you teach someone else what you’ve learnt.

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