Lightweight Cooking

This fun and light activity can be done independently or over 2 nights as part of an online scout meeting.

A small section of the meeting to introduce the ‘Plan’ in week 1 and the full meeting to cook and review in week 2.


  • Research lightweight recipe options – does your group have some favourite ideas or websites?
  • Work out a meal with ingredients that are light and don’t need to be refrigerated on a hike
  • What cooking equipment do you have? – a small hike stove if you have one, a single small pot on a stove if you don’t
  • Can you get the ingredients at your local supermarket? Some American websites might have recipes with ingredients not available in Australia.
  • Prepare a shopping list with quantities
  • Pack the ingredients as if you were taking them on a hike – eg Ziploc bag with only the amount of dry ingredients you need


  • Be aware of safety issues with knives, hot stoves
  • Cook your food
  • Eat it
  • Clean up


  • Did it taste good?
  • What could you add or leave out to make it taste better next time?
  • Was there enough to fill you up after a big day hiking?
  • How heavy was it to carry?

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