Chief Commissioner’s Emergency Relief Campaign

Following the worst and most extensive floods in recent years in NSW, our thoughts are with all those families, and communities, who are being directly affected. Scouts up and down the east coast have been impacted, most severely in the northern parts. Members have been affected personally, and Scout Halls have suffered damage.

Emergency services, the SES and Defence Force, and community service workers are providing support, particularly in the Northern Rivers area. Where it is feasible to do so, Scouts are currently offering selected Scout Halls and campsites, as a local recovery resource. Their efforts, along with the local communities, show the power of people to respond to disasters and reach out to help others. This is what community feels like.

In response to the flood emergency, the NSW Chief Commissioner's Emergency Relief Fund has been established. This gives Scouts the opportunity to support fellow Scouts and the affected communities. We’re going to do everything we can to assist Scouting families who are being impacted. Financial assistance is one of the most effective forms of support Scouts can offer immediately following a disaster. We want to ensure that affected youth and Leaders can continue with Scouts, no matter their circumstances, over the coming months.

You can donate now and all funds raised will go towards helping Scout members in these regions continue their Scouting journey.

For those of you who wish to donate money to this cause, you can donate by PayPal, or with a credit card. If neither suits, you can transfer your donation directly to Scouts NSW - just hit the Bank Transfer button above. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will make a direct, meaningful impact.

Raised monies will be distributed via the Family Support Fund - a fund designed by Scouts to be used for Scouts. We know that right now, our role in the community is more important than ever. The skills for life we instil in our youth members - resilience, confidence, initiative, maturity - are critical for those facing immediate crisis, but importantly, they also nurture the leaders of our longer-term future. You can learn more about the Fund here.