Corona Camp

Corona Camp

By Jenny, 1st Picnic Point Scout Group
The Activity

"Recently, there have been so many events and activities cancelled. I could almost hear my disappointed Scouts when I imagined telling them that their camp was going to be cancelled too. I didn’t have the heart to do it, at least not without a substitute. Scouts are often very motivated by competition and the idea of prizes, so I came up with the idea of a tournament between patrols (inspired by Goosechase) that could be completed from their backyard."

Jenny set up the following tasks for the Scouts to complete:

  • Setting up a tent (50 points)
  • Sleeping in the tent (15 per night)
  • Tying Knots (Varies per knot)
  • Camp Cooking (Varied on the complexity of meal)

When each task was completed, the Scouts posted a photo or video of their accomplishment on the Group's Facebook Group to get Points. In essence, this then motivated the Scouts as each person could see the progress of others. Jenny then posted more ideas throughout the weekend, including an outdoor activity like a short hike or bike ride. One Scout even created their own obstacle courses and constructed a swing!


Think of tasks with specific points.  Jenny said, "The most common-accomplished task were the knots, and I feel this is because they all had specified points, and the Scouts could see what they were going to achieve."

Click here to read Jenny's letter to the Scouts and her Corona Camp tournament rules!

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