NSW Scout Fellowship minimum age dropped from 26 to 18

The minimum age for joining Scout Fellowship in NSW has been dropped from 26 to 18.

This is to encourage members who are unable to join Rovers or become Leaders to remain supporters of Scouting in the hope that, down the track, they can find the time to assist a youth Section by undertaking Leader training.

Young adult members who are required to leave the Venturer Scout section at their 18th birthday or on achieving their Queen’s Scout Award in Year 12 are strongly encouraged to join Rovers. Rover Scouting promotes their ongoing personal development and allows them to excel in outdoor or creative pursuits that they took a liking to in Venturers. Many Rovers also become Leaders at the same time. which greatly assists the movement achieve sustainability.

It remains true that young people, on leaving school, become extremely busy with study and part-time work, or a full-time job, yet need to maintain a circle of friends for a balanced and active lifestyle. Scout Fellowship provides a social outlet with purposeful service within Scouting and the broader community, but without requiring the time commitment of Rovers or leadership. There are 23 Scout Fellowships spread around the state, including a Lones Fellowship for those in regional or remote areas, or overseas. You continue to accrue Scout service and can attend national and international events, and the array of special interest Fellowships offers something for everyone.

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