Operoo is a platform that provides parents/guardians with a simple way to sign forms and safely share emergency and medical data with Scouts.



For Families

+ Simple to use and efficient for busy parents making it easier for children to participate in Group events and activities
+ Eliminates the need for a paper-based E1 form
+ Gives parents and carers control over the data shared with Scouts NSW

For Leaders

+ Spend less time on paper and more time on Scouting.
+ Helps eliminate the paper-based E1 for most Group-related activities.
+ Helps you communicate effectively to your Group

For Scouts NSW

+ Helps Leaders and families spend more time on Scouting and less time on paperwork
+ Reduces the organisational carbon footprint by encouraging online processes
+ Increases data accuracy, auditing capability, and data security

Operoo FAQ

Our Care Champs are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Operoo, and share their best tips for making the most of the tool for your Scout Group. Want to speak to a Care Champ? Let us put you in touch by emailing [email protected].

Scout Formations (Scout Groups, Rover Crews, and Fellowships) are all welcome to register their interest in using Operoo by emailing [email protected].

A member of the Scouts NSW Operoo Team will confirm the Formation’s eligibility based on a data check. Your Formation must have a minimum of 80% of the data in ScoutLink correct to be eligible.

To ensure your Formation is activated onto Operoo as soon as possible, please ask Parents to update their contact details by filling in the form here.

Operoo is a proven model in Scouting, schools and other associations with a duty of care. It is used widely by:

Scouts Victoria implemented Operoo state-wide in 2016 to cover all Groups for activities, excursions, camps and major events, while Scouts Tasmania and Scouts South Australia are both currently conducting a 12-month trial with their Scout Groups.

Organisations also using the tool include the National Rugby League, Waterpolo Australia and Touch Football Australia.

Scouts NSW wants to make it easier for Leaders and families to participate in Scouting, and is serious about spending less time on administration and more time on fun activities. Operoo (formerly CareMonkey) does this by giving Scout Groups the opportunity to use the tool to replace current paper-based E1 permission forms.

Operoo is centred on an Electronic Health Form (EHF) which carers (e.g. parents) create and maintain securely – something which can only be done by the profile owner.

This EHF can be generated for a youth member (<18 years old) or adult member (anyone >18). If it is for a youth member, it is created and consented to by a parent/primary carer, for adults it is the individual who provides consent for sharing a profile or attending an activity.

At Scouts NSW, the health and safety of our members is something we take very seriously. The privacy and management of this data is critical to Scouts NSW, as it is to our members.


+ Provides Scouts NSW with the opportunity to introduce a standardised, secure and fully audited system to consistently capture and store health-related information.
+ Simplifies and standardises event/activity/excursion planning and permissions.
+ Reduces the risk of outdated or unavailable information in the case of emergency.
+ Allows Scout Groups to initiate, communicate, and manage events electronically by creating electronic permission forms.
+ Gives Scout Groups instant access to emergency information if it is required.

Operoo is designed with users’ privacy and data security as its highest priority. The tool gives parents total control over what information is shared and who can access that information, ensuring only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information such as health, medical and emergency contact details. This shared data is password, code and/or fingerprint protected, firewall protected and stored in an encrypted format to guarantee security at all times.

Operoo (formerly known as CareMonkey) is a parent-controlled Electronic Health Form (EHF) for organisations with a duty of care. Parents can easily update medical information and provide consent for activity attendance with the click of a button, while providing Scout Groups with the ability to create electronic permission forms and instant access to this emergency information if it is required.

It can be used as an electronic version of the E1 forms that parents and Groups have to fill in for activities, excursions, camps, etc.