Peak Award and Section Icon Survey

Scouts Australia has launched a survey to hear your perspective on the Peak Award badges and Section icons in the New Youth Program. 

Scouts Australia has a new program and a new brand, and we believe that all of the individual badges for this program are modern and dynamic. We have a unique opportunity to examine and refresh the look of the Peak Awards in the New Youth Program.

We believe that the badges within the New Youth Program reflect the personal development and the nature of the achievements required to earn them. We want the Peak Award badges in the new program to reflect this personal development and achievement, and to complement the dynamic visuals that comprise the rest of the program.

This survey also addresses the section icons we have developed for the New Youth Program. Each section in Scouting has a short motto, which tells  the story of what the personal progression and challenge of that section is all about. The icons you will see in this survey have been developed to be visual representations of these mottos, and therefore the journey, challenge and personal development opportunities that are available in each Section.

To complete the survey visit:

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