Scouting@Home for the Holidays

Continue your Scouting adventures over the summer holidays!

The Scouting year may have wrapped up, but Scouting@Home for the Holidays gives you the opportunity to continue the fun over the summer holiday period.

Each week, we’ll introduce a new set of five new challenges for you to complete – each based on the following Challenge Areas.

Keep posted as we unveil new challenges each week!

Keep Score

  1. Download a Score Card to keep track of your progress.
  2. Complete the challenges set out each week.
  3. When you’ve finished your challenge(s) for the week, fill in the form below to log your activities. Note - you only need to complete at least one of the challenges!
  4. You'll receive an email with a certificate and snazzy virtual badge to show your friends! 

Ready to get stuck in? Discover the challenges for this week below. The Weekly Challenge Chart will be added to the right-hand side of this page each week. 


Week 6 Challenge

My 2021 Goals

The countdown to the 2021 Scout Year is on! Make it your best year yet by setting some goals to achieve this year.


  1. Think about your Scouting journey so far. How long have you been in Scouts? What is your favourite experience so far? What have you learnt?
  2. Think about the year ahead. Do you have something you’re working towards and would like to achieve in Scouting in 2021?
  3. Grab a pen and paper and set a timer for five minutes. During this time, brainstorm seven values that inspire you. What do you want more of in your days, or what do you have in your days that you love? Examples include fun, kindness, curiosity, learning etc.
  4. Set your timer for another five minutes and write down five goals you want to accomplish in Scouts in 2021. Think big and keep your core values at mind. Remember that you don’t need to know how you are going to accomplish the goal right now.
  5. Look at each of your goals and break them down into doable chunks – the more specific the better! What can you do to make your goals into reality?
  6. Set your timer for another five minutes and write down every reason you can think of that you wouldn’t accomplish your goals. This is free reign, let the negative come out!
  7. It is time to work through the barriers. Spend 5-10 minutes planning through these negative reasons. Accomplishing big goals does not mean that there are no blocks in the road! It means that you are able to problem solve and work through adversity.
  8. Share your goals with your parents, a friend in Scouts or even your Leader.


One of the most important aspects to goal setting is accountability. By both writing down your goals, and then sharing your goals with people who will support you, you increase your likelihood of achieving your goal!

A Note on Safety...

If you are aged 18 years or under, you must have your parent's permission or supervision before you begin any activity.

As always, be sure to abide by the Scout Promise, whether engaging in online conversations through email, virtual conversations with other Scouts or on social media, and by phone.

Visit Kids Helpline for best practices on internet safety, or click here for more information on keeping safe online.

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